Marching Forth – A look into this year’s anthem and writer.

Earlier in March, our brother in Hope Seattle, worshipper and musician, Yosuke Aryton, released a self-penned and produced anthem for our conference this year. This was a project created under band named, Poured Out Grace, an effort by Yosuke and fellow brothers and sisters from the Hope Seattle Church and RISE (His) Fellowship, a gathering of young individuals for Christ. We got a chance to chat with him, to take a look behind the making of “Marching Forth” as well as what progressed to this finished song.

Q&A with Yosuke

When did you begin to start playing music?
A: I started playing music when I was about 12 years old so, it had been more than a decade since I picked up a guitar for the first time. The first guitar I played was actually borrowed from a Christian lady when I wasn’t even a Christian officially. So praise God, He led me to play music for Him.

What inspired you to start writing music?
A: Well, originally writing my own songs were really just a way to express what I felt inside. I grew up with a rough background in my teen years and music was really an outlet of all those emotions. Now as a Christian composer, there is a lot of expression as much as inspiration. Sometimes there are messages God inspires me through thoughts or through His Word and I just simply put melodies to them!

What was the inspiration behind “Marching Forth”?
A: A week before this song ever came to mind Eric Hebert came to Hope Seattle to teach us about evangelism and so what we did is, we went on the streets and we started to just share the gospel to people. As we were walking down the streets I really got the feeling that we were like the army of the Lord going forward for the advancement of the gospel. Hence, the song “Marching Forth”.

Was the writing and recording process long?
A: The writing was done over a month, bit by bits and the recording was done in a 2 week period. About 3 days to record all the tracks and couple days or so in editing and mastering. So, I guess I should say ..yes? Hahaha!

Can we expect more original worship songs and music from you in the future?
A: Yes, please do! There is a short EP coming out still this year with other songs besides “Marching Forth” and I’m praying and seeking for other musicians to also join me in the future. Solo isn’t much fun.

What is one thing you are most excited about for this year’s conference?
A: Well, very excited to see old faces and worship together with them but most of all I’m excited for what is going to happen after this conference. I’m expecting a revival, expecting people left and right will start moving forward and telling the world that Jesus is lives!


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Marching Forth
Yosuke Aryton | All rights reserved

We are the army of the Lord
We are an army marching forth!

Verse 1:
We are together for one great purpose
To tell the world of the God who love us
We’re gonna tell
We’re gonna tell the world

We let the Holy Spirit lead us
We’re not ashamed of the name of Jesus
We’re gonna sing
We’re gonna sing of your great love

The harvest is ready
We’re gonna get ready
The harvest is ready
We’re gonna get ready
To tell the word of his love
To tell the world of His love

So let ’s go ! (GO!)
To all the corners of the earth! (EARTH!)
shouting the greatness of His love! (LOVE!)
We are the army of the Lord
Marching Forth!
So Let’s Go (oh, oh, oh, oh)

Verse 2:
We are the messengers of Hope
We are an army marching forth
We’re gonna tell
We’re gonna tell the world

We are not here to pick and choose
who’s gonna hear of His great news
We’re gonna sing
We’re gonna sing of Your great love

We are the army of the Lord
We are an army marching forth!

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