From Pastor Ben and Dinah

258710_4213308605154_1090086047_oWhen I think of harvest, I picture a field full of ripe grain. Lots of grain! It’s gold-like color. And there is the swinging of the sickle. This is serious reaping but with much joy.

Harvest is the season for gathering grain or fruit. Harvest is a season of joy. It is also a figurative term for judgment, a season of grace, a time when many are ready to receive the gospel and as the harvest is considered the end of the season, so our Lord says, “The harvest is the end of the age” (Mt. 13:39).

Then the harvest festivals come to mind. God’s seven biblical festivals are contained within the three major harvest seasons of Israel: the barley harvest, the later spring wheat harvest, and the great ingathering late summer and fall harvest. The three major harvest seasons reveal to us God’s master plan for saving all humanity through all ages. God works in seasons.

This summer we desire to inspire and impact your heart motive. We desire to speak on our call to the harvest. We look forward for Dr. Doug Heck, Dr. Linnis Perry, Dr Wilson and Pastor Lai Ling Lim speaking at HARVEST NAAC 2014.

I can’t wait for us to gather in Seattle this July. Imagine with me the end time harvest revival. Let’s believe God for a harvest of Biblical proportions.

With Love,
Ben & Dinah Lee

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