Harvest Workshop Line Up


We are excited to announce our line up of workshops at this year’s NAAC2014.
Each one delves into topics such as evangelism, life, and spirituality. Which one are you going to take?

Evangelism 101

You wonder what to say and how to structure conversation when sharing your faith? You are afraid of saying the wrong thing. If you feel shy to evangelise, this is the workshop for you. Come learn the basics of how to easily and effectively share your faith in a complete and coherent way.

Facilitator: Eric Hébert is part of a house-church network in Québec, Canada. He shares his faith on a regular basis with family and friends and on the streets.

Supernatural Evangelism – Practical Tips

We look into hearing God and ministering in the prophetic as well as ministering in healing in a very practical yet Spirit-empowered way in reaching pre-believers. Come explore God’s ways of ministering in the power of His Spirit!

Facilitator: Ps Lai Ling has been equipping people for intercession and moving in the prophetic and healing.  She believes every Christian has potential to be anointed for ministry.

Sexual Wholeness

What’s sex?   Is sexuality just intercourse or is it more? What’s sexual purity and sexual wholeness? How do we handle our sexual desire? A sex therapist says: 50% of emotional problems are a result of misdirected sexuality. These are people haunted by the past, guilt, anger, bitterness, shame and depression.

Facilitators: Pastors Ben and Dinah have been married for 22 years. They volunteer with a ministry that helps people with sexuality.

Stay tuned for additional workshop updates and posts.

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